Monday, August 28, 2006

I seem to be upsetting alot of people with my blog...

I seem to be upsetting alot of people with my blog. Some of the comments that I have received are unbelievable, but I know that is what happens when people expose themselves in this format. Each person who has posted these terrible comments has no clue who I am, my background or my world view (and has not read the entire blog). They just happened upon my blog and didn't like what I had written and decided to write some mean-spirited comment to me. Well I would encourage these people to keep writing these comments it strengthens me and makes me want to stay here longer. People don't like the fact that I write about my good AND bad expeineces here. The strange thing is I don't even write about the worst things for fear that it will upset my family and friends too much. I deal with reality and I write about what happens in my life; good, bad or indifferent. I will continue to do that. I believe anyone who reads this blog is intelligent enough to understand that I live and work in one small section of a the largest country in land mass in Africa, with numerous and diverse ethnic groups, sub-groups, religions and cultures. Someone else in this very same town is probably having a completely different experience than me.
I fully understand that this region is recovering from 50 years of war. In fact that is the main reason that I feel strongly about staying here. People are recovering socially, mentally, physically, spiritually from conflict. Because this is a post-conflict setting I recognize that there are certain things that are likely to happen. If the things that have happened to me here had occured in a non-post conflict setting I would have left, because there would be no underlying cause for such behaviour. Conflict has devistated the society on all levels, so even daily human interactions have been adversely affected. People are still trying to reconstruct their lives and regain a sense of normalcy. This is a dynamic time to be in South Sudan, I love my work and feel it is an essential element in the development process. I am like Ann Frank and believe that people, despite the evil that they may committ, are good at the core, so it bothers me when people do things that show a lack of regard for their fellow human beings because the inclination for good is there. I will continue to pray that all of us remember our capacity to empathize and be just to others and perform acts of kindness.

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